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The Red Fortress

The Red Fortress

Behind his smart businessman’s facade, Al Thawadi is a hardened terrorist. An expert in the art of war and camouflage, he has recently come out of hiding to begin a mission he has been preparing for a long time.

His journey takes us from Dubai to Havana, through Caracas and finally to the United States where the attack will occur. His fiendish plan is for mass destruction with global repercussions, with the ultimate aim of triggering a third world war.

Lieutenant Patrick Dunn of Homeland Security is a Gulf War veteran. As an expert on terrorism in the Middle East, he is in charge of the hunt for Al Thawadi. He knows he must stop him at all costs and this will leave no room for sentiment or mercy.

Claire Redfield, recruited in her youth by Islamists and trained in the Egyptian camps, is a sleeping agent working at the Pentagon. She is at the heart of this race against the clock.

Release Date December 22nd 2017     


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The Red Fortress II


Red Fortress Sequel Trilogy

Release early 2018





Thrillers suspense terrorism, investigations and suspense, spying thrillers

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Lost childhood

If you’ve read “The Red Fortress” you’ve met Claire, the sleeper agent working at the Pentagon. You’ll know she was born in Egypt and spent her adolescence in Islamic training camps.

Here is “Childhood Lost”, which takes place in Cairo and the Sinai Desert, where she meets her mentor Al Thawadi at a time when she still called herself Djamila.

You can download this second book for free using the link you will find in “The Red Fortress”.