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From a fellow acclaimed writer ETHAN JONES





When covert operations go wrong, the CIS sends in . . . The Corrector.

After a botched retrieval operation, Javin Pierce is sent in to complete the mission where others failed. But, before even getting started, Javin and his less-than-trusted partner, Claudia, must deal with a devious terrorist plot. Their search leads them to a flash drive containing scandals that could topple world governments and plunge Europe into absolute chaos if they do not retrieve it in time.

How will The Corrector fix this disastrous mission? Uncertain if they can even trust each other and unprepared for the shocking truth that could cost their lives, Javin and Claudia must stop the treasonous plot, retrieve the elusive drive, and save themselves and the entire European continent, all without leaving a trace . .

The Corrector is the first in the brand-new adrenaline-drenched Javin Pierce spy thriller series. It is a heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat adventure for fans of Brad Thor, David Baldacci, and Tom Clancy that guarantees Jones’s status as the next spy master author.

Grab a copy of The Corrector now to enjoy the low price of $3.99 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency) and the following exclusive limited- time bonus content:

 Javin’s CIS personnel file, so you can get to know him better. The classified file is FOR YOUR EYES ONLY;

 Suspicion of Betrayal, a short story that explains the relationship between Javin and his Russian “lover”; and

 An exclusive excerpt from Betrayal, the next book in the series, to come out on April 5.

You can also pre-order Betrayal and Closure, the next books in the series. Start this explosive series today!